Memories of Azad

My Thanks

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my sister, Mukta Lall, who has worked tirelessly to help me fulfil my desire to gather my father's memories from people who remember him. My thanks also go to everyone who found time in his/her busy schedule to record these memories.

Dear visitor, it gives me great pleasure to share these memories with you and I hope that you will find them of interest.


They remember Azad:

Aarti Tikoo Singh:
July 4, 2001, was a hot, muggy day ... [Read more ...]

Amin Banjara:
Iqbaliyat-e-Azad ki ek gumshuda dastavez.... [Read more ...]

Amir Jafri:
The year was somewhere around 1980 [Read more ...]

Autar Mota:
It was in July 1990 [Read more ...]

B L Kaul:
Although I had heard a lot about Prof Jagan Nath Azad [Read more ...]

Ilmana Fasih:
We spent our early childhood and the entire decade of 1970s in Kashmir Valley [Read more ...]

Kaamil Behzadi:
Pehle Tarana-i-Pakistan ke khaliq.... [Read more ...]

Khaleeq Anjum:
Prof Jagan Nath Azad mash'hoor aur mumtaaz shair.... [Read more ...]

T R Raina:
Prof Jagan Nath Azad ko pehli baar ....[Read more ...].

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Updated on 30 July 2016
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